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. no dustjacket, staining to finish papers, 1926, tanning to web page edges,

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25 When clay structures are fired over 670oC, they lose their original geological magnetism, and adopt the magnetism of the earth at the time of firing. In other words, time is imprinted on the walls of the kiln. 26 One can use this curve in turn to date other kilns which cannot be dated by pottery or other internal evidence. 27 25 This method was introduced by Thellier and Thellier (1959) and its dating accuracy is quite high, ± 25 years. Thellier (1981) established the Terrestrial Magnetic Field (TMF) for the last two millennia in France.

VI. 68 Nicholson and Jackson 1998. 69 Archives at the Center for the Study of Traditional Pottery (no inventory number available). The entire process of digging the pit, preparing, and drying the bricks for lining the walls of the pit, the construction of the six arches (combined with smaller ones, which connect the arches to each other) made of the same bricks as the ones for the support of the floor, and constructing the floor itself is recorded with photos. This project formed part of a general attempt to reproduce the Koroneika jars, which are no longer mass-produced.

18 THEME N % Poseidon Poseidon and Amphitrite Amphitrite Horseback riders Unidentified males Birds Workshop related scenes Bulls and men Design TOTAL of two-sided plaques 17 3? 1: Distribution of iconographical themes on the reverse of the Penteskoufia kiln-depicting plaques. 19 On one of them (F511+MNC212), which 18 For the word kavmino", see infra Ch. I, "kavmino"". 10). Verfenstein (2001) compares the dedicatory character of the plaques to the "cletic hymn" as attested in ancient Greek literature, in which the dedicant asks the deity to continue supporting him or her as they had in the past.

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