By Wilhelm Wagner

This publication is an entire and renowned English account of the spiritual ideals and superstitious customs of the outdated Norsemen. Partial Contents: Odin, Wodan, Wuoton, Yggdrasil, the World-Ash, effect of Christianity, the Runic Language, Dwarfs and Elves, Giants, Loki, trip to Wafthrudnir, Frigg, Quern Stones, Ogir, Ases, Baldurs demise, Ragnarok.

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Thus they make for out of the past and hope or dark with present the events and actions gazes thoughtfully into and Skuld into the Present, the decrees of Orlog, or Fate inscrutable in the and and actions of mortals. Urd, the eldest of the three strong. which it life forth in visible shape as Regin, and sometimes things, all gods, determines the comes future Dark are born. Helheim and Nifelheim. According to most ancient tradition she was once the earth-mother who watches over life and growth, and who finally calls the weary pilgrim home to her through the land of death.

Made and pillars So They the earth of Ymir's body, the sea of his sweat, the hills ASGARD AND THE 24 GODS. Of of his bones, and the trees of his curly hair. made the firmament, and below. of his brain the his skull they clouds which float Then, out of the giant's eyebrows the gods formed Mid- gard (Middle-garden), the dwelling-place of the children of men, who as yet unborn slept in the lap of time. Darkness reigned throughout space ; only a few from Muspelheim wandered aimlessly through did not know her place, nor the know where they were to stand.

Whole, a world-drama, which a happy chance How this was done we shall now proceed to show. In the tenth centuiy Harald Harfager (fair knowledged King of the whole realm of Norway. Jarls and Princes, who had hair) was Many ac- of the formerly been independent rulers, were too proud to bear the yoke of the conqueror, and set out in search of other homes. Normandy and The brave Rollo and his followers conquered Brittany in r ranee, others of the emigrants settled Legends and myths. in the 53 Shetland and Faroe islands, while others again under Ingulf and Horleif landed on the inhospitable coasts of Iceland, and cultivated and peopled the island as far as severe climate would its These people carried with them from permit.

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