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The additional oracular material and the paraphrase provide insight into later Roman ideas about a supreme deity and how angeloi were thought to mediate the distance between that deity and the material world. ” Greek text in Erbse (1995) 1. 46 Theosophy 13: Ὅτι Θεοφίλου τινὸς /τοὔνοµα τὸν Ἀπόλλωνα ἐρωτήσαντος· “σὺ εἶ θεὸς ἢ /ἄλλος;”, ἔχρησεν οὔτως·/ Ἔσθ’, ὑπὲρ οὐρανίου κύτεος καθύπερθε λεγογχώς, /φλογµὸς ἀπειρέσιος, κινούµενος, ἄπλετος ΑΙΩΝ· /ἔστι δ’ ἐνὶ µακάρεσσιν ἀµήχανος, εἰ µὴ ἑαυτὸν /βουλὰς βουλεύσῃσι πατὴρ µέγας, ὡς ἐσιδέσθαι.

One way that Lactantius accomplishes this task is by attacking the way that the oracle uses the word angeloi and attempting to restrict the meaning of this term so 33 L. Robert (1971) 608–9; see also J. A. North (2005) 140. angels of the aether 29 that it applies only the messengers of the Christian God. 35 About himself, this same Apollo has lied. He has added himself to the angels, although he is of the number of the daemons. Furthermore, in other responses, he confessed that he is a daemon. 36 Thus, Lactantius presents the somewhat paradoxical argument that although the spirit behind the oracle is evil and deceptive, the oracle’s description of a supreme deity surrounded by angels is in accordance with Christian theology.

9 These texts provided details about the origin of the oracles they record, and Robert argued on the basis of those details that the text at Oenoanda had originated at the Oracle of Apollo at Claros. 11 Lactantius’s Divine Institutes (ca. 308)quotes three lines of an oracle that are almost exactly the first three of the Oenoanda inscription. 12 Thus, the similarity of the 7 George Ewart Bean, Journeys in Northern Lycia (Wien: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1971) 20–2, no. 37. 8 Bean (1971) 21–2, judged the text to be without parallel, and suggested that the text could be Orphic, since some of the adjectives used to describe the god Aether can be found in the Orphic fragments.

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