By Don George

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From bat at the island of Fais to bird on a Russian teach to fish fry within the American heartland, from mutton in Mongolia to couscous in Morocco to tacos in Tijuana - at the street, meals nourishes us not just bodily, yet intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually too. it may be a present that permits a tourist to outlive, a doorway into the guts of a tribe, or a thread that weaves an indelible tie; it may be lousy or ambrosial - and occasionally either while. rejoice the riches and revelations of nutrition with this 38-course ceremonial dinner of real stories set world wide.

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Vad skulle du tänka om du såg någon mata en kanin med läsk? Eller om du fick reda på att grannfamiljens mops fick glass varje fredag, godis varje lördag och gick på hundkalas varje söndag? Det finns inget djur vi skulle ge den mat som vi ger våra barn idag.

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The places where farm animals are kept today are more like factories than farms (in fact, they are called factory farms), with single farms holding thousands to hundreds of thousands of animals in confined spaces. Their manure and urine are no longer dispersed widely over the farmer’s fields but are deposited in the confined areas where the animals are penned. 5 A single 1,000-pound cow produces 15 tons of manure per year. 7 tons of feces and urine in a year. This staggering amount of urine and manure is not easily disposed of and is typically stored in shallow pits called lagoons.

In traditional farming, before the introduction of pesticides, crops were rotated every couple of years and then a field was left fallow after seven years (a biblical command; Leviticus 25:4), effectively killing off pests, bacteria, and viruses by removing their food supply. 26 Therefore, their populations and the risk of disease can be decreased by crop rotation. However, a few diseases are able to infect more than one plant type, so crop rotation does not affect them. With today’s intensive agriculture, continuous monocultures of a single crop are the order of the day, and pesticides are now widely considered essential for pest control.

Old MacDonald Has No Farm 21 did not make and cannot replace once it is lost, to be given the same value as a $10,000 car? Surely there is something fundamentally wrong with treating the earth as if it were a business in liquidation. Land is the living, dynamic bridge where crops convert solar energy and atmospheric gases to human food. What is more important than that? America needs a new land ethic, one that treasures the prime farmlands that have made the United States the breadbasket of the world.

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