By Albert Gelpi

ISBN-10: 0521345332

ISBN-13: 9780521345330

During this e-book Professor Gelpi strains the emergence of yank Modernist poetry as a response to, and outgrowth of, the Romantic ideology of the 19th century. He specializes in the outstanding new release of poets who got here to adulthood within the years of the 1st international battle and whose works represent the primary physique of poetic Modernism in English. this huge historic argument is constructed via monographic chapters at the poets which come with shut readings in their significant poems. finished in scope and sophisticated in its research, Gelpi's booklet can provide to be one of many significant reviews of yankee poetry for future years.

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The "poison" then becomes the fancier "venom," which Miltonically "communicated its rigor" to the chicken's comb; "rigor" also suggests "rigor mortis," a stiffness that paradoxically made "the poor comb [stand up] straight" while Chucky, alas, lay down. " "Janet Waking" is written in a meter regular enough to contain these shifts of tone and flexible enough to surprise with variations. The little narrative is spelled out in ballad quatrain, and the a-b-b-a rhymes reinforce the 3-5-5-3 sequence of feet in the lines while enhancing the ironic humor with the line breaks in the sentences.

53 Frost's repertoire of verbal strategies - the disarmingly conversational pace, the prim pun on "draft," the tight-lipped tone - contrive to modulate the inexplicable violence to the range of human toleration, so that in the last ballad-quatrain Frost can ask a version of Ahab's vehement question - "Be the white whale principal or be the white whale a g e n t . . " - with Ishmael's rueful irony. Still, for all the poet's assumed stoicism, nature portends death - later for the man than for the horse, in this instance, but death nonetheless.

If the ideal is there to be deflated, it is also there to comment unfavorably upon the contemporary decline of moral or religious values. Like Eliot, Ransom usually treats contemporary society obliquely and unfavorably through the ironic filter of myth. " 74 In "Prometheus in Straits" the titan who brought light to humankind now finds himself confounded by all phases of society and all the works of man. War poems like "Necrological" and "Puncture" (Ransom was an artillery officer in France during World War I) contrast the heat of carnage with the chill of corpses.

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